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Bertie Co., NC
Records of Estates, Bertie County, NC 1788-1800, transcribed: pg 90
(459) Ann Sorrell
Inventory Feb 14, 1798 by James SORRELL.  Administration grtd. James Sorrell, Feb 15, 1798. Account of sale March 1, 1798 Buyers:

Benjamin Sorrell
John Sorrell
Demsey Sowell
William Sorrell
James Sorrell, Sr.

Account current Aug. 1, 1799 with the admr., in which accounts were paid to Elizabeth Fairless, Samuel Haste, Thomas Brownrigg, James Morgain, and Walter McFarlane.  Division of property ordered, Aug, 1803.  Division of estate (undated) among the children of the dec’d: 1 William Sorrell, John Sorrell, Edward Sorrell, James Sorrell, Benjamin Sorrell, and Elizabeth Askew.

Pg. 21
(104)Thomas Cochran
Inventory Aug 8, 1798 by Charlton Witherington.  Account of sales Aug 30, 1798, Aug 32, 1798 and Sep 8, 1798 Buyers:
James Sorrell
Dempsey Sowel
Mrs. Elizabeth Cochran
Jane Cochran
John Sorrell his part of John Cochran’s estate
Ann Sorrell
James Sorrell

Deposition (Feb 11, 1801) by Aaron Spivey, noting that in 1792 or 1793 Patrick Garvey and Thomas Cochran settled an account of goods.  Record also mentions John Young, a merchant at Pitch Landing on Wiccoan Creek.  James Sorrell was apptd. Gdn. of the orphans Mary, Edward, and Thomas Cochran, Nov 12, 1798.  Elizabeth Cochran was appointed gdn. of the orphan Sarah Cochran, Feb 11, 1799.  Edward Cochran was apptd. Gdn. of the orphan Thomas Cochran, Aug 8, 1803.  Miles Rayner was apptd. Gdn. of the orphan Thomas Cochran, Feb 11, 1805.  James Allen was apptd. Gdn. of the orphan …………………….The dec’d. left a widow Elizabeth Cochran who received negros…….Statement (Oct 1810) by Thomas Cochran, saying the widow Elizabeth Cochran had married secondly William Wilson who had since died, and Elizabeth had predeceased the said Wilson.

Records of Estates, Bertie Co., NC 1734-1788 Volume II, Loose Estate Papers pg 23-24
(88) Catherine (X) Fry (C/30) 18 Dec 1781 Feb Ct 1782
“…being weak in body…” Son Thomas Cochran-five shillings, Daughter Sarah Cochran-Negroes Madge and Alve, a loom, bed, looking glass, “faulling leaf table”, etc. Son John Cochran-mare, bed, desk, etc.  To Nancy Loyd and Mary Loyd-small puter dish to each and a cow.  Remaining estate to be divided between my daughter Sarah Cochran and Mary Sorel and John Cockran.

Bertie Co., NC
(1120) page (535) Catharine Frye
Account of sale Apr 5, 1782 by James Wilson and Robert Hendry Buyers:
Thos. Sowell
James Sorrell
Thomas Cochran
Sarah Cochran

Records of Estes, Bertie Co., NC 1734-1788
(147) John Cochran
Administration grtd. Thomas Cochran, Aug 20, 1787.  Account current for 1787 and 1788 (files Nov 1794) by the admr., mentions a balance of money of which each legatee must have ¼.  Account of sale (undated) by the admr. Buyers:
Thomas Cochran
James Sorrell
David Askew

(223) Catherine Fry
Inventory Dec 22, 1781, Inventory May 14, 1782 by James Wilson and Robert Hendry.  Account of sale May 19, 1787.  Buyers were John Cochran, Lewis Outlaw and James Sorrell.  Division of estate Apr 5, 1782 among Sarah Cochrane, James Sorrell for his wife, and John Cochrane.  Account of sale Apr 5, 1782 Buyers:
Joseph Sorrell
John Cochran
James Willson for Thomas Sowell
Thomas Cochran

(492) Edward Turner
This file contains information relative to a suit by James Turner (exr. Of the dec’d) and Thomas Cochran, July 26, 1792.  File also contains the deposition (July 26, 1792) by Ann Sorrell, stating she heard Elizabeth Sowell say she wanted to carry Negro boy Hardy with her after she married Edward Turner, but Edward said the Negro was property of Thomas Cochran.  This file also contains a similar deposition (dated July 26, 1792) by Jane Cochran.

Bertie Co., NC 1800 Census:
74 James Sorrell 02301-112-1-02 slaves
Bertie Co., NC Will Abstracts 1797-1816

(83) James (X) Sorrell (E/170) 23 Jul 1802 Aug Ct. 1802

“…sick and weak in body…”
Wife Ann Sorrell-all my lands and plantations, stock, hogs, etc., for her lifetime, and at her death it shall be divided as follows: 1 son Thomas Sorrell-my plantation and land where my mother formerly lived 2 son John Sorrel-land and plantation I bought of James Askew and the lands I bought of the executor of Jason Lassiter, dec’d;  3 daughter Janey Sorrell-my lot in Colerain; 4 daughters Janey Sorrell and Milley Sorrell-my manor plantation where I now live, as well as the lands I bought of Demsey Hail, but Milley is to have the half where my house not stands; (5) son Thomas Sorrell-bed and lands already given him when he is twenty-one. Wife Ann-personal estate not already mentioned, including Negroes Toney, Flory and Dilley.

Jane Cochran, Charlton (X) Hast, Abraham (X) Pettijohn, James (X) Morgain

Page 542: Book BB:

Division of the land of James Sorrell dec’d was returned to this court by the persons appointed to divide it.  Ordered that the same by registered. August Term 1826

(Illustration of plot of land sectioned of in parts).

In obedience to an order hereto annexed from the worshipful county court of Bertie we the subscribers have met and divided the land between the heirs of James Sorrel, Dec’d agreeable to the above plott that is to say (poles an calls, etc.)….Eleven acres valued at thirty-three dollars allotted to Jacob Perry and Milley his wife they paying to the heirs of Jacob and Jane Perry five dollars & fifty cents makin their dividend equal to twenty-seven dollars and 50 cents. (calls, etc.) 11 acres valued at twenty two dollars allotted to the heirs of Jacob and Jane Perry they receiving from Jacob Perry and Milly his wife the sum of five dollars and fifty cents makin their dividend equal to twenty seven dollars and 50 cents.  (calls,etc.) Eleven acres valued at Twenty-seven dollars and fifty cents allotted to John Sorrell it being his equal dividend.  This document lists the name of Thomas Sorrell as the dec’d once then another time and then is marked through to reflect James.  (I believe that the dec’d is actually James-Thomas is marked through in one place.  Because this is quite some time since James death, and the girls have obviously married, I wonder if the document should actually be at Thomas’ death instead of James.)

The index on the cover of original which I have a copy of:
Divison of James SORRELL land
Notation: James Sorrell, dec’d
First Page-looks like a pen was taken to change James to Tomas
Final notation: Thomas-marked through to say James

Also in May Term 1826:
Jacob Perry & wife at allies vs Jacob & Jane Perrys heirs: Petition for Land Division--Ordered that James Wilson, James Freeman, Silas Wilson, peter White and Edward Brantley or any three of them divide the land of Thomas Sorrell dec'd according to the Payer of the Petitioner and they they make return to our next county court.

33 acres valued at 82 dollars & fifty cents allotted to the Heirs of Jacob & Jane Perry, Dec'd.
33 acres valued at 82 dollars & fifty cents allotted to John Sorrells .
(Plotted map included)

In obedience to an order hereto annext from the worshipful count court of Bertie, We the subscribers have met and divided the land belonging to the Heirs of Thomas Sorrell, Dec'd agreeable to the above plott that is to say:
1: Jacob Perry & Milley his wife
2: heirs of Jacob & Jane Perry
3. John Sorrell

This 4 Aug 1826.

 (The Star, and NC Gazette list the death of a Thomas SORREL 15 Dec 1823 from Bertie Co., NC.)

1790 Bertie Co., NC Census:, Edenton District
Benjamin Sorrell
1 male 16 and up
0 males under 16
2 females
0 slaves

1800 Bertie Co., NC Census, pg 74
Benjamin Sorrell
1 male under 10
1 male 26-45
2 females under 10
1 female 10-16
1 female 26-45
1 female slave

Will Book F, 1805-1816
Benjamin Sorrel (F/5) 10 Nov 1805 Feb Ct. 1806
“…being sick and weak in body…”
Wife Roday Sorrel-plantation where I now live, mare, cattle, etc., for her widowhood.  Son Edward Sorrel-my mare. Son Benjamin Sorrel-the first colt my mare shall fetch.  If my wife should remarry she shall be disinherited of everything I have given her in this will.  Son Benjamin-plantation where I now live, but my wife may have it for her widowhood until my son Benjamin is twenty-one.  Children Marry Sorrel, Edward Sorrel, Elizabeth Sorrel and Benjamin Sorrel-remaining part of my estate.

1820 Bertie Co., NC Census:
Thomas Sorrell 200010-10010-1 slave
Jacob Sorrell 100100-20010- 5 slaves

1830 Bertie Co., NC Census:
Edward Sorrell #365
Elizabeth Sorrell #369
John Sorrell #365