Sorrell/s Marriage, VA Records

Marriages, Rockbridge County, VA 1851-1883

28 December 1852  Joseph Sorrel
married Castenah Montgomery
daughter of Hugh Montgomery  A. B. Davidson  Officiating

31 October 1875  Richard Sorrel (Col.)  25  S  b/Rockbridge  Farmer
son of Lucy Sorrels
married Hannah Scott (Col.)  26  S  b/Rockbridge  John S. Beale  Officiating

18 November 1858  Thomas J. Sorrel  28  W  b/Augusta  Wagoner
son of Alex. and Lucy Sorrel
married Cynthia Madden Sorrel  21  S  b/Botetourt
daughter of William and Sarah Sorrel  H. A. Gover  Officiating

1 April 1852  William Wesley Sorrel
married Hannah Sorrels
daughter of  Joseph Sorrel  John M. Green  Officiating

15 October 1885  Jas. Sorrell (Col.)  22  S  b/Rockbridge  Miner
son of Sam and H. Sorrel
married Mary S. Anty  20  S  b/Rockbridge
daughter of Thos. and Jane Amty  T. N. Given  Officiating

1873*  Wm. J. Sorrell  35  W  b/Botetourt Co.  Laborer
son of Thos. and Mary Sorrell
married Julia Ann Simpson  21  S  b/Botetourt
daughter of John and Reb. J. Simpson
*No date given, but listed in Feb. 1873 marriages

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27 February 1866  Edward Sorrells  (Col.)  32  S  b/Rockbridge  Farmer
son of Mary Sorrells
married Mary E. McCluer (Col.)  22  S  b/Rockbridge
daughter of Thos. J. and Mary J. McCluer  A. S. Hogshead
B-1A does not list as colored

13 January 1885  Geo. T. Sorrells  22  S  b/Rockbridge  Farmer
son of Susannah Sorrells
married Luticia Floyd  16  S  b/Rockbridge
daughter of Julia Floyd   Philander Fitzgerald  Officiating
Married in Amherst

6 April 1879  Jno. Henry Sorrels  (Col.)  22  S  b/Rockbridge  Laborer
son of S. and H. Sorrels
married Susan L. Liggins  (Col.)  19  S  Rockbridge
daughter of Margt. Liggins   Jas. M. Jackson   Officiating

18  April 1881  Jos. H. Sorrels  22  S  b/Amherst  Farmer
son of H. and S. Sorrels
married Mary J. Suthards  18  S  b/Amherst
daughter of R. and S. Suthards  John L. Carroll  Officiating
Married in Lexington

18 March 1875  Saml. Sorrels (Col.)  19  S  b/Rockbridge  Laborer
son of Saml. and H. Sorrels
married Martha C. Cooper (Col.)  20  S  b/Botetourt
daughter of Thos. and Mary A. Cooper  A. Q. Flaherty  Officiating

6 June 1865  William T. Sorrels  21  S  b/Rockbridge  Farmer
son of Wm.  and Sarah A. Sorrels
married Martha Ann Tolley  21  S  b/Rockbridge
daughter of John F. and Esther Tolley  A. S. Hogshead  Officiating

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